Prof Chapman-sheath sponsors HRFU youth team

Professor Philip Chapman-Sheath is proud to announce for 2024 he will sponsor not just one, but several esteemed sports teams this upcoming season. In a show of support for the sporting community, Professor Chapman-Sheath will lend his patronage to Hampshire Rugby Football Union’s impressive U15 teams, as well as the esteemed Trojans U18 Rugby Academy, Trojans Hockey Club, and Fareham Hockey Club. His sponsorship will help fund the youth teams’ competitions and will ensure all winning teams receive recognition plaques for their clubs and it will bolster funding for other aspects of the competitions.

As a father of four boys and a keen sportsman himself, the professor has long been a big champion of young people’s sports and has a special interest in the prevention and treatment of adolescent sports knee injuries.

He works closely alongside leading sporting clubs and schools in Hampshire and is one of only a few knee surgeons in Hampshire performing meniscus repair, cartilage defect reconstruction and complex ligament reconstruction surgeries for adolescents (over 16-year-olds) in the region.

Professor Chapman-Sheath says: “Youth clubs play an important role in helping young people learn teamwork, build confidence and stay healthy and I am very proud to support these local supports clubs and the young people who enjoy being part of the teams.”

About Professor Philip Chapman-Sheath

Mr Philip Chapman-Sheath, Orthopaedic Knee Consultant, Southampton

Philip Chapman-Sheath is a highly specialist knee surgeon based in the South Central UK, and he receives referrals from all over the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

He has over 20 years of specialist experience in treating both adult and paediatric (children) knee disorders and injuries.

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