More than 20 people with painful knee issues, attended a free information evening all about knees at Boundary Lakes Golf Club at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, last week.

Men and women, young and old, braved the chilly weather to take advantage of a unique opportunity to hear from Consultant Knee Surgeon, Philip Chapman-Sheath, one of the UK’s best knee surgeons and Dan Young, Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead at Hampshire Wellbeing Centre.

As well as presentations explaining different knee conditions and types of treatments there was plenty of time for people to ask the experts about their individual issues and try a variety of knee braces and supports supplied by Simon Dashwood of medi UK, the event sponsors.

Scott Soutar attended the presentation with his son-in-law and said: “The evening was well organised and the presenters were very competent. Although I already have a full replacement knee it was interesting to hear of recent developments in knee repair and replacement.

”My son-in-law, who suffers from knee problems found the evening of great benefit and has trialled a brace with excellent results.”

Top tips to keep your knees bendy and backswings beautiful included:

1. A little bit of weight loss, or conversion of fat to fat free mass, will significantly reduce the loading on knees during each step. Losing weight will reduce the build up of micro trauma and wear on your knees.

2. Don’t forget to gently stretch your hamstrings on a daily basis. Just sit on the floor with your back to the sofa and have your legs out in front of you. Gently stretching these tissues will help to reduce the load placed through the knee cap.

3. If your knee is painful don’t ignore it. Symptoms are much easier to treat if they are less than 2 months old.

4. Glucosamine, cod liver/vitamin D and cider vinegar are all good for keeping joints supple.

If you missed the event but have a knee problem you’d like to discuss, the experts can be contacted using the following details:

Philip Chapman-Sheath
T: 023 8077 1147

Dan Young
T: 023 8047 5637

Simon Dashwood
T: 01432 373 500