Professor Philip Chapman-Sheath has partnered with ’myrecovery’ – an app that has been designed to help patients receive the highest level of support throughout their preparation and recovery from knee surgery. Using the app can help patients have the best chance of an excellent outcome.

Philip’s patients can download the myrecovery ‘digital companion’ and receive a range of helpful features and unique resources designed specifically for them, including:

  • Video messages from Philip
  • Interactive exercise videos to match and enhance their rehab plan
  • Checklists and surveys to help them prepare for surgery and track their post-operation progress
  • Bespoke information created and chosen by Philip for each stage of their pre and post knee surgery journey

The myrecovery app can be used on mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices, and brings a host of benefits to Philip ’s patients. Here are just a few:

  1. Reduced anxiety and help in managing expectations by giving patients them the right information at the right time throughout their surgical journey
  2. Tracking their progress to ensure they stay focused on achieving their goals
  3. Maximising the outcome of their recovery
  4. Expert-led content curated specifically for patients from leading governing healthcare sources

Professor Chapman-Sheath says: “I’m really delighted to introduce the myrecovery app into my patient’s care pathway. As well as giving my patients 24 hour access to my expertise, it also provides them with the support they need at every stage of their journey to prepare and recover from knee surgery – this all helps towards ensuring they achieve the very best outcome.”

If patients would like to find out more about the myrecovery app and how it can improve the results of their knee surgery, they can call Professor Chapman-Sheath’s office, ask him at their next consultation, or visit the myrecovery website.

About Professor Philip Chapman-Sheath

Mr Philip Chapman-Sheath, Orthopaedic Knee Consultant, Southampton

Philip Chapman-Sheath is a highly specialist knee surgeon based in the South Central UK, and he receives referrals from all over the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

He has over 20 years of specialist experience in treating both adult and paediatric (children) knee disorders and injuries.

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